Our Commitment on Environment & performances

Osman Group is a promising representative of the garments sector of Bangladesh. Our commitment is to ensure environmental risk indemnity and maintain better working environment through occupational health and safety. The authority of the group has given emphasized on waste minimization and control. We have responsible personnel for maintaining working environment, waste, occupational health and safety and chemicals. We have distinguished academic credentials (i.e. Chemist) of M.Sc. in Chemistry and (ECR) M.Sc. in Environmental Science to discharge their effective governance in the area of Environment & Chemical related requirements even upcoming environmental challenges. We have high capacity physio-chemical ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) in order to ensure that the waste water has been treated according to BSR/DOE requirement to confirm sustainable green environment. Ours have the Facility of highly equipped in-house Lab with competent lab technicians to perform onsite test & making sure that the quality of our chemicals and treated water are in correct parameter. We are gradually entering into the environment friendly garments industries. The entire EMS & ECR functions are being closely monitored & proper feedback given by-

Md. Jashim Uddin
AGM (HR & Compliance)
Osman Group of Industries
Cell: 01777797965, 01819152102


At Osman
Group of Industries, we focused on sustainability.

Osman Group sustainability based on five pillars- People, Process,
Product, community and Environment. Thereby having a holistic approach towards
the environmental and social impact.

We have a wide range of programs focusing on women
empowerment, process efficiency, community education, water and energy savings
and so on.

We have a plan to establish a fair price shop. Where will be
provided daily necessity commodities to the workers at a subsidized rate and
that to on credit. It will be a zero cash shop. Transactions will take place here
and will be adjusted with the workers monthly salary. At this fair shop
employees will find all kinds of item from the daily necessity list.

Free medical center facility is every unit of Osman Group
factories are well-equipped with qualified Doctors, medical assistance and

Trained and compassionate professionals assure proper care and
happiness of children in all daycare center. We care for our future generation
through employee children education scholarships and career path counseling

We conduct participation committee meeting in alternative
month to ensure workers right that enable them to be engaged with the overall
process and thus they contribute more.

Building structure and fire safety are in top priority inside
at all the premises. Our customer are signatory partner of Accord and Alliance.
We have ensured all kinds of safety as per Accord and Alliance recommendation.

We conduct monthly central compliance committee meetings to review
and resolve allied issue.

We are very happy to work with our knowledge partners on
strengthening our sustainability pillars.

(Better work, GIZ, ILO, Quizrr, IFC, Brack)

Visionaries of Osman Group the board of Directors believe
that commerce is an ongoing dialogue with life and happiness and they are
involved with various land tropic initiatives for betterment of community.

Osman Group (Russel Garments) has been Awarded for excellence
in business, which has a carved out a unique position for itself in Bangladesh
and international markets.

We all are happy only when our customer and people smile from
every corner of the globe.