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Russel Garments is a 100% export oriented woven garments factory is the pioneer of Osman Group established on the year 1984.

Type of products: Trousers, Shorts, Skirt, Shirts, Blouse, Dress, Swimwear, Nightwear etc.

Production Capacity:
5,00000 pcs / month for bottoms.

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Russel Garments Unit-2 is a 100% export oriented woven garments factory established on the year 2010.

Type of products: Trousers, Shorts, Skirt, Shirts, Blouse, Dress, Swimwear, Nightwear etc.

Production Capacity:
300,000 pcs / month for Tops.
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RUSSEL Apparels

Established – 2012

Product: Trousers, Shorts, Skirt

Prod Capacity: 4,00000 Pcs /Month

Prod Line : 16 Lines
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Russel Washing Plant

Established in 1991 with modern machineries and are capable of washing all type of garments.

Production capacity :

15,000 pcs/day

Office :
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To Feed our weaving industry, Russel Spinning Mills Limited was established in the year 2001 equipped with machineries mainly from Europe , having a capacity of 46,000+26832 spindles for producing 100% cotton yarn ranging from 30 ~ 80 count both carded and combed. At the beginning of this year ,we have expanded our project by setting up 2 rotor of 384 unit and producing 20 count yarn.
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Ekram Sweater LTD is a comprehensive manufacturing company established on 2003, Our main product sweater and We had been developed in this field for nearly 10 years. Company products seeks to meet the special requirements professional custom, we also carry out a strict quality management system in accordance with ISO standard requirements. We have a wide selection from our existing products, including acrylic, cotton and other fancy yarn sweaters,
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PNR Industries Ltd. (Dyeing)

PnR Industries Ltd (Dyeing Division)

To feed our Sweater industry, PnR Industries Ltd. (Dyeing Division) Was established in February 2007 and the yarns are also being supplied to many 100% export oriented Sweater, Knit & Woven factory.


All type of double yarn: 100% Cotton, BCI Cotton, Organic Cotton, BCI Slub, 50/50- A/C, 40/60-A/C (Count: 2/20 & 2/32)

100% Acrylic, Cashmere Like, Melange, Cashmere like Melange, Viscose, Wool, etc. (Count: 2/20 & 2/32)

100% Acrylic Mohair Like- 1/5.5 & 100% Acrylic Tube- 1/5.5 & 1/3.5

Prod Capacity:

Hanks Dyeing Unit: 5,00,000 lbs per month

Package Dyeing Unit: 5,00,000 lbs per month
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PnR Industries Ltd (Zipper & Accessories)

Our manufacturing plant, which is a garments accessories project in the name of PnR Industries Ltd (Zipper & Accessories Unit) was established in July 2008 to feed our sister concern as well as other 100% export garments industries.


Zipper: 1.Polyester & 2. Cotton (I. Metal, II. Plastic/Vislon, III. Nylon & Invisible Zipper etc)

Production Capacity:

Metal Zipper: 4,000,000 pcs/month,

Plastic Zipper: 1,500,000 pcs/ month,

Nylon Zipper: 2,500,000 pcs / month

Sewing Thread: 1. Polyester Spun Yarn (20/2, 20/3, 20/4, 20/6, 40/2, 60/2, 60/3 etc.)

2. Polyester Filament Thread (150/DNR & 300/DNR)

Production Capacity:

Thread- 2, 500,00 cone per month
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Tania Cotton Mills LTD.


Tania Cotton Mills LTD incorporated as a 100% export oriented private limited company envisages to produce 100% cotton Ring Spun Yarn mainly suitable for export oriented knit and woven garments industry.
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Goodman Pharamaceuticals Ltd.

Good man

GOODMAN PHARMACEUTICALS LTD  Is One of the most emerging pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh. It is established in Bangnahati, Sreepur, Gazipur on 600 decimal of land. Day by day it is enhancing the capability of its own by ensuring the best quality manufacturing, Importing, Exporting, buying & Selling of various kinds of pharmaceuticals product.
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